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Culinary Tours

What could be more incredible than touring through the world’s finest culinary destinations with professional chefs as your guides?  After a year and a half of sold out pop up dinners Chef Freeman Gunnell and his colleagues, Gavin Russell and Matt Dunaj decided to take guests on an unforgettable culinary adventure through the heart of Tuscany in 2018.

Freeman and Megan Gunnell had a 10 year dream to rent a villa in Tuscany and guide guests through a once in a lifetime food and wine culinary trip of a lifetime!

In 2018 that dream came true and they took their first tour group through Florence and Tuscany where guests got to enjoy cooking classes, world class winery tours, market tours, biking in Tuscany and 5 course dinners made by 3 professional chefs served under the Tuscan sun.

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Cornwall Bakery Culinary Tours